It’s one day before we head out to travel to Remilyn’s hometown in Baguio City, Philippines to visit her family and relatives. It’s also an opportunity for Kimberly to see some of her childhood friends before we brought her to the States. She’s very excited and anxious to go – like last week!

But aside from the vacation that the family could use to unwind from the stresses and deadlines, it’s research and catalystic trip for Remanni, our brainstorm project to develop our own wholesale import/export venture. With little or no capital, we’re envisioning a means for us to help our family and friends in the Philippines to be able to cultivate businesses of their own. And it’s an opportunity to really showcase the many talents that reside at or around Baguio City.

This is a first of many entries. Hopefully soon we’ll have pictures as we take off on our 3-week trip…